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One for One, the wheels are in motion

For every Porteur bicycle sold, we donate another bicycle to youths in projects for developing countries.

What’s the plan?

Thrill, speed, excitement, health, play, freedom and independence. It is in the DNA of every bike, of course. Just like all the practical things that also come with it: valuable time saving, transporting stuff and carrying yourself forward in general. Many of us take this for granted. Think about it. Who does not remember their very first pedaling strokes? Or the thrill of letting go of the steering wheel for the first time?

Well, many people don’t.

They have never had the opportunity to try it. In Africa, the need for bikes is estimated to tens of millions. On a global scale, it is estimated to a 100 million. Here, a bike can make the difference between going to school or not, sickness or health and safety or danger. In the long run, it can be a matter of life and death. Isn’t it amazing, how such a simple thing on two wheels can have such an impact on life?