Part of something great. Making a world of difference.
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What’s the big idea?

Every day, we make a difference. In life, at work, with friends. We express ourselves, listen, influence and create – as individuals, as people. encourage you to do your thing, all the way. In style. An international community, very much defined by how we carry ourselves. The Porteur bicycle itself is our symbol. Designed for a unique look and feel, but made truly special by those who use it. The first bicycles are sold in limited edition only. They all come with a promise: for every Porteur bicycle sold, another bicycle is donated to youths in projects for developing countries. One for one, we pay it forward.

The story of Porteur

The Porteur bicycle was born in the post World War II era, at a time of re-building and shaping modern Europe. Especially designed to transport cargo on a platform rack attached to the fork, Porteur has been the most convenient form of dedicated utility bicycle commonly used in the world, delivering the goods across cities for decades. Read more

To be continued

From humble beginnings along cobbled mid-20th century streets, to the demands of modern city life – Porteur bicycles have carried evolution forward in many ways.

The new generation of Porteurs are of course lighter, easier, safer and more stylish than ever. Read more